Communications Committee
Conference Call
August 10, 2005

Garvin Quinn, chair, called the teleconference to order at 2 p.m. CDT.

Garvin Quinn
Debbie Archer
Ashley Wood
Ellen Ritter
Gloria Mosby
Dee Shore
Haven Miller
Frankie Gould
Fran Wolak
Carol Whatley
Don Stotts
Bob Reynolds

Agenda for communications committee sessions during the SR-PLN meeting, August 28-31, Charleston, SC

  • Garvin reviewed the communications committee agenda he sent out prior to the conference call.
  • Ellen and Frankie agreed to give a report of the CECP steering committee on Monday.
  • Approximately 15 are expected to be in attendance at the PLN communications committee meetings.
  • CECP module developers agreed to give reports and show what has been done on the modules so far.
  • A laptop computer and projector will be available in the committee meeting room.
  • State reports will be split up among sessions. Reports should be limited to approximately 10 minutes in length. A one-page or half-page report should be provided by each presenter to accompany products presented.
  • Garvin will check on wireless capabilities in meeting rooms.
  • An invitation will be extended to Terry Meisenbach to speak to the communications group about eXtension.
  • Two EPA representatives have requested help with a communications plan. They will be at the meeting and time will be allotted to assist them.
  • Sharing Spanish language materials will be discussed. Haven Miller agreed to lead the discussion.
  • Possible information technology issues to be discussed with the IT group:
    • Tapping into the eXtension initiatives, a format.
    • Content management systems.
    • Search tools or instruments being used to search and use sites. Tools being used for surveying audiences using sites.

Status of CECP Modules Being Developed

Garvin encouraged committee members to review the CECP modules that are up on the CECP site prior to the SR-PLN meeting. The URL is At login page, you must register. Then it lets you login.

Marketing Extension Programs - Ellen Ritter - Expects to have something.

Newsletters - Ashley Wood - Still writing and working on the module. He will bring a printed version of the module to the meeting. Bob Reynolds and Frankie Gould will review the module.

Media Relations - Tom Knecht - Tom not on call. Frankie is working with Tom on the possibility of using some of the ACE media relations material in the module.

Copyright/Intellectual Property - Tom Knecht - Tom not on call.

Writing for the Newspaper - Haven Miller - At the review stage.

Accountability/Impact - Sharon Omahen - Sharon not on call.