Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
December 4, 2003
December 4, 2003

Members Attending the Teleconference:
Nelson Daniels, Prairie View A&M University, presiding
Louie Rivers, Jr. - Kentucky State University
Marion Simon, Kentucky State University
Ross Love, Oklahoma State University
Bill Hubbard, USDA-FS liaison officer
Jimmy Henning, University of Kentucky
Anthony Reed, Alcorn State University
Ed Jones, North Carolina
Joshua Odeska, Tennessee state University
Roger Crickenberger, North Carolina State University
Tim Cross, University of Tennessee

Bill Hubbard and Joshua Odeska lead the discussion. The Agroforestry Working Group is trying to secure funds for a regional meeting including a call for papers as a pre-conference activity associated with the July 2, 2004, 1st World Congress on Agroforestry, Orlando, FL. This pre-conference to be June 27 - July 2, 2004, to share technology and to develop a committee to address the social, economic and production aspects of agroforestry. Tim Cross asked if the organization would be Southern, U.S., or World in scope. Roger Crickenberger asked if RREA dollars from state funds could be used to support the activity. Joshua thought that it may be difficult for states to use those funds, particularly as the RREA funds have been reduced. He thought that a regional group may be established after the Biloxi meeting. Roger recommended that a subcommittee be organized and functional by the Biloxi meeting. Joshua agreed. Roger Crickenberger lead the discussion of the Plan of Work as follows:

  1. Discussion of the development and implementation of an on-line curriculum including taxonomic and other pertinent informational products for agent training and that the minutes reflect new target dates, Nelson Daniels suggested August 2004, Tim Cross recommended the target date of August 2005 with an update of the progress in 2004 - this was selected.

    1. Geoff Vendor who has experience with an on-line SARE project was recommended to assist with this effort
  1. The Agroforestry subcommittee in February 2004 and December 2004 are to discuss multistate programming and specialist sharing.

    The Southern Region SARE liaison. Jimmy Henning recommended Lee Meyer to start August 2004.

    The EPA liaison - Ross Love discussed the job description in Region 4. Roger discussed Lisa _____'s position.

    The Regional Forestry subcommittee. Roger to fill-in for McPeake, Bill Hubbard to continue.

    The Public Issues Leadership meeting was discussed - dates not firm but expected to be May 2-5, May 6-8, or April 28-30. Tom Parslow helped with the program, Tim Cross to be the contact?

    CCEP discussion. Ross Love, Jimmy Henning, and Louie Rivers, Jr. are on the committee along with Joan Dusky, Tim Cross also lead parts of the discussion. The discussion included competencies and taxonomies in different areas, topics and subtopics. Eleven areas were identified for taxonomies. The materials to be distributed to all PLN members in the Southern Region to be reviewed by their faculty. Target dates were December 15 and March 15. SARE and RME evaluation tools were discussed. Tim and Ross suggested the end of April for the pre- so that the target would be met before the National PLN meeting.

    A discussion was held of institutional incentives for professionals applying to granting programs. The discussion was passed to later.

    ACPC at North Carolina State University - a discussion of the merits and problems of the Agricultural Chemicals and Crop Protection Manual which is on the NC State website in PDF - can the information be made interactive and multistate? Are 2-3 states willing to share the cost?

    In another discussion of CCEP, The Southern Forages, Southern Region Vegetable, and turf grasses publications were considered as well as the Master Gardener Programs - can they be made interactive or placed in the on-line information? Then Roger and Ross Love discussed the time, effort and costs of publications; the need for publications for tenure and professional recognition; the desire of professionals to have printed materials in their hands to pass out; can materials share a common protocol for CCEP and then be modified or customized for state use?; how will this affect Agricultural Communications staff?; can a collaborative web-based system be developed that can be taylored to each state?; Is the appropriate system PDF or PDA?; Aae palm pilots/readers a good option for agents to use to link with the system? Roger, Ross, Tim, Jimmy, and Joshua entered this discussion. Potential funding opportunities for this should be pursued.

  2. Who will be the new and/or replacements for vacated positions of members of PLN? Anthony Reed for Alcorn State University, Charlie Stallings for Virginia Tech were presented. The membership list needs to be updated with Bonnie.

The next quarterly teleconference to be February 3, 10:30 CT.