Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
August 30 - September 1, 2004
August 30, 2004

Jimmy Henning, University of Kentucky
Joan Dusky, University of Florida
Ed Smith, Texas A&M University
Marion Simon, Kentucky State University
Rafael F. Olmeda, University of Puerto Rico
Jon Ort North, Carolina State University
Bill Hubbard, Southern Region CES/Forestry
Mike Spranger, University of Florida
Bruce Pinkerton, Clemson University
C. Michael French, University of Arkansas
Paul Mask, Auburn University
Will McCardy, Mississippi State University
Ken Roberts, Lousiana State University
Louie Rivers, Jr., Kentucky State University
Jim Riddell, Virginia PI & State University
Ross Love, Oklahoma State University
Tim Cross, University of Tennessee
Steve Smith, Oklahoma State University
M. Ray McKinney, North Carolina A&T State University
Dawn A Mellion-Patin, Southern University
Anthony Reed, Alcorn State University
Nelson Daniels, Prairie View A&M University
James Hill, Fort Valley State University
Clyde E. Chesney, Tennessee State University
Joshua Idassi, Tennessee State University
Carrie Castille, Louisiana State University
Larry Turner, University of Kentucky
Sherman Lewis, Langston University

Ed Jones North, Carolina State UniversityNelson Daniels called the meeting to order with introductions on August 30, 2004. The Mary Mahoney Restaurant was selected for Committee night out. The business meeting began with reports and updates from the region.James Hill led the discussion of SARE. As of 2004, James is the SARE 1890 liaison. He discussed the different granting opportunities of SARE, the expanded responsibilities of the SARE-PDP State Coordinators, the Model State Program initiatives, the joint state plan, and gave a presentation on several SARE projects, with an emphasis on 1890 projects. The discussion included questions, concerns, explanations, and issues applicable to SARE. Tim Cross, Jimmy Henning, Joan Dusky, Marion Simon, Ray McKinney, and Nelson Daniels participated in the discussion. Nelson Daniels reported that Geoff Zhender is completing SARE Competency 1: IPM for Organic Crops e-Extension curriculum.Bill Hubbard and Joshua Idassi lead the discussion of forestry and agroforestry. Bill provided a handout and an up-date on regional projects and programs. Joshua provided a hand-out, gave a presentation on his 1890 Extension forestry, agroforestry, and natural resources survey, and discussed RREA, the 1890 Agroforestry Consortium, and the Agoforestry Working Group. Nelson Daniels and Bill Hubbard clarified that the RREA funds are to enhance ANR's existing programs and to expand/grow fund that are potentially available through forestry initiatives. Nelson Daniels appointed the Nominating Committee for the ANR Secretary, one PLC member, and one member to the CECP Committee. Committee members: Ross Love, Louie Rivers, Jr., and Ed Smith.Ross Love and Louie Rivers, Jr. reported on the PLN committee. They reported that: 1) action items from ANR to PLN needed to be in by late August 31, 2) evaluations of the meeting were needed by September 1, 3) ANR needs to provide a core competency list for the CCEP initiative to PLN, 4) ANR needs to provide an updated Annual Work Plan to PLN by September 15, 5) ANR needs an updated list of names, addresses and contact information to PLN by September 15, and 6) the next PLN meeting to be in South Carolina, August 28 - September 1, 2005. Nelson Daniels reminded the ANR group of the PLN website and its uses for contacting members.Tim Cross led a discussion of the White Paper (Draft #9) that includes the revisions from the last conference call and thanked Joan Dusky and Jimmy Henning for their assistance. Louie Rivers, Jr., Jon Ort, Ross Love, Bill French, Ray McKinney, and others entered into the discussion. John Ort is to present the White Paper to the Extension Directors for them to forward to ECOP. The ANR committee entered into a discussion of funding, its impacts on state and regional programming, staffing, and how e-Extension fits into the system.
Jimmy Henning led a discussion of the U.S. Animal Identification Program, the South Eastern Livestock Network model, and networking with the commodity associations for training. Jim Riddell and Ken Roberts entered into the discussion recommending that state Departments of Agriculture should also be involved. Joan Dusky led a discussion of the NACAA 2004 Annual Meeting. These items were the focus of the general discussion: 1) the White paper, 2) formula funding, 3) CSREES update, 4) PSEP funding, and 5) Congressional workings. Jim Riddell indicated that NACAA supports GALAXIE, but plans to continue with its NACAA Annual Meeting. Joan Dusky and Jimmy Henning (representing the Southern ANR group) led the discussion of an annual or biennial ANR national meeting in the spring. Jimmy discussed a National ANR Meeting in Kansas City, MO for April 25, 26, and 27 to include Southern, North East, North Central and Western regions. Bill French recommended workshop rather than report sessions. These topics were discussed: 1) funding, 2) telling our story, 3) disaster preparedness, 4) U.S.AIP, and 5) how to partner and what is our role in encouraging partnering. Joan Dusky and Bill French led a sub-discussion of whether or not to include CECP, its potential national implications, and the potential buy-in from all regions. Bill French indicated that an 1890 representative is also needed in the national ANR group.Nelson Daniels reported on the Southern Region Water Quality national meeting which was coordinated by Cass Gardner -- the meeting included 1890, 1862, 1994, research and Extension professionals.
Joan Dusky passed out CECP "homework" for the ANR committee to review competencies, domains, and groups to fit within each domain.

Nelson Daniels adjourned the session, the group to meet at 6:30 p.m. for dinner.


August 31, 2004

Nelson Daniels called the August 31, 2004 session to order at 8:15 a.m.Joan Dusky led a lengthy, general discussion of CECP. We are to review the professional development taxonomies and discuss problems as we see them. CECP is housed at Texas A&M University with Larry Lippke as the web designer. A Basic Guide for CCEP Module Development Teams should be provided to ANR coordinators, department chairs, and specialists. The web address is The ANR committee must establish a content review process. Joan suggested that the team leaders give the modules to the ANR committee to ok them, then pass them to the CECP team for formal review. Ross Love thought that the ANR committee only needed to review the materials that were not developed by teams - this seemed to be the consent of the group. He recommended that the Competency Domains (and these Teams) be included in the ANR Plan of Work and reviewed annually (Passed unanimously). The discussion included ANR committee members concerns, how to identify collaborators/writers on modules, acceptance of modules, how to adapt modules within states, how CECP fits into e-Extension, how to handle the diversity of ANR topics, what to do with overlapping topics, the need for an overview committee to make materials consistent, ... The CECP Competency Domain Teams follow:

  1. Animal Science - Jimmy Henning, chair, Ed Smith, Ross Love, Paul Mask, Michael French, Jim Riddell, Joan Dusky, and Bruce Pinkerton; topic: Animal Identification Program Risk Management - Ed Smith, chair, Marion Simon, Nelson Daniels, Will McCarty, specialists: Ken Stokes, Allen Malone; topic: Risk Management Educational Materials Forestry - Bill Hubbard and Tim Cross, co-chairs, Jim Johnson, Joshua Idassi, Joan Dusky; topic: agroforestry Plant Diagnostics - Ed Jones and Joan Dusky, co-chairs, already have a committee identified and materials under Plant Diseases Natural Resources - Carrie Castille, chair, Michael French, Ed Smith, Paul Mask, Ray McKinney, Bruce Pinkerton, Mike Spranger, Joan Dusky: topic: master farmer, environmental stewardship, master wildlife
  2. Weed Management - Joan Dusky, chair, Jimmy Henning, Ed Jones, Roy Bullock
Nelson Daniels: New officers (elected unanimously):
Secretary: Joan Dusky
Vice-chair: Marion Simon
Chair: Jimmy Henning
CECP Committee: Joan Dusky to serve 1 year term
PLC Representative: Tim Cross

Nelson Daniels led a discussion of the ANR Standing Committees. Of the 17 standing committees, activities and plans were discussed and revised as listed in the ANR plan of work. 2003 ANR#13 was eliminated. The motion was made by Michael French, seconded by Ross Love (Passed unanimously). 2003 ANR#5 was eliminated and placed under ANR#2. The motion was made by Ross Love, seconded by Joan Dusky (Passed unanimously). Tim Cross noted a problem with 2003 ANR#7, Jimmy Henning to discuss with Roger Crickenberger.Ross Love led a discussion on fee-based, cost recovery, and charges for Extension programs. Ed Smith, Joan Dusky, Paul Mask, Jim Riddell, and others entered into the discussion.Walter Ambruster discussed the history, initiatives, and changes in The Farm Foundation, its economics and policy foundation, and its emerging issues.Ed Smith, Ed Jones, and Michael French discussed the EPA Liaison in Region 6 and PSEP.All participants gave state reports. They will be sent directly to the Southern Rural Development Center.The date of the next teleconference is October 5, 2004 at 12 noon EDT.

Meeting adjourned August 31, 2004 by Nelson Daniels.