Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call

October 7, 2004


Darlene Baker, Arkansas
Paul Coriel, Louisiana
Martha Couch, Texas
Charles Cox, Oklahoma
Terril Faul, Louisiana
Susan Holder, Mississippi
Jeff Howard, Texas
Thearon McKinney, North Carolina
Alice Ann Moore, Tennessee
Lamar Nichols, Alabama
Marilyn Norman, Florida
Barbara Speziale, South Carolina


Marilyn Norman, Florida and chair convened the conference call.

Item 1 - Grants

She asked Jeff Howard to give an update on the USDA Rural America grants both current and upcoming. After the PLN meeting in Biloxi, Jeff made contact with Joanne Leatherman at National Headquarters on RYD3 year 3. Jeff said that there should be a detailed update at pre-conference at the NAE4-HA meeting in Oklahoma City.

There will be a teleconference on October 28. Each southern region state should have a representative on the teleconference to discuss what the plan will be. This will be an opportunity to generate questions and receive an update. Jeff said that the focus for year three most likely will be grassroots delivery with individual county level grants.

Item 2 - Southern Region 4-H Plan of Work

Charles Cox reported that the new Plan of Work is on the PLN Web site. He said that he put commonalities and multi-state in the plan. Much of the items in the plan are carry over and continuation of what is already there. Darlene Baker suggested that the health/obesity initiative be moved up.

Charles will update and send to Southern Region Program Leaders/Directors for review. Charles suggested that the review be completed and changes on the 2005 plan be discussed at the January conference call.

Marilyn Norman will check with Florida's FCS Program Leader about the January/February Health Conference.

Item 3 - Advisors' Report - Dr. Paul Coriel

Dr. Coriel stated that there is a lot of interest in Healthy Lifestyles and he reemphasized that the health area of programming is a high priority for 4-H Youth Development. Discussion followed about funding through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and partnerships with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. There is particular emphasis on the Delta.

Darlene Baker will check possibilities for partners at the federal level with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Dr. Coriel also asked that we consider how to present 4-H Youth Development on E Extension and to consider major content, how to peer review and what will the public want to see on national extension site.

Marilyn stated that in Biloxi the Southern Region Program Leaders charged Dr. Kress and the Leadership Trust to lead the effort to respond to E Extension.

Item 4- Program Leader Hired in South Carolina

Barbara Speziale, interim program leader, stated that a full time 4-H Program Leader has been hired. Keith Diem from New Jersey will begin at the end of October or the first of November. There has not been a full time 4-H Program Leader in South Carolina in 12 years.

Item 5 - CECP - Jeff Howard

There will be a professional presentation at NAE-4HA national meeting. Professional faculty will meet in Atlanta. This is an opportunity for professionals from the region to come in for CECP. He suggested that faculty can register with Texas for the meeting in Atlanta. Details are being sent out by Jeff.

Item 6 - Biennial - Susan Holder

Suggestions to have a reception/dinner off site from conference with multi-state committees for juried workshops will be set up. Susan will be asking for names of people to serve on committees.

Other Items

Southern Region Leaders Forum was held last weekend. South Carolina hosts in 2005 and Tennessee is responsible for seminars and workshops in 2005.

Regional Collegiate 4-H Meeting in Oklahoma had the largest delegation. National Conference will be in Pittsburg and will receive bids there for host state next year.

The Leadership Trust meets October 20. Susan Holder asked if anyone has items to go before that group to let her know.

Thearon McKinney announced that North Carolina has a position available for Assistant Executive Director of North Carolina 4-H Development Fund.

Next conference call is scheduled for January 6, 2005. Meeting adjourned by Marilyn Norman.