Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call

October 24, 2002

Members Present:

Susan Holder
Darlene Baker
Thearon McKinney
Terril Faul
Warren McCord
Martha Couch
Charles Cox
Dave Barrett
Marilyn Norman
Dorothy Wilson


1. Rural youth grant (aka: the USDA grant to Council)
Susan discussed that a meeting was held, but she was unable to participate due to technical difficulties. A document will be forwarded from the group summarizing the discussion. She encouraged us to read this very carefully. Martha has a Trust teleconference and she will forward information.
2. Multi-state programs
Terril, Darlene and Susan. Susan discussed what several of the State Directors were promoting. There was a meeting on a previous day. Want us to explore resources and topics. One identified, noted by Darlene, was Workforce Preparation. Need to develop a work-team, identify resources and needs, and to develop a plan of action. Want to have this done by January 15th. Other items considered FCE discussed - Master Farmer program, CRD focused on another area. 4-H has already put things on the website. Directors were very positive. Thearon mentioned how PRK was important and should be included in the multi-state considerations. Discussions are also centered on a shared clothing person.
3. Health Rocks!
Susan noted that last year Mississippi held the dissemination responsibilities for Health Rocks! (decision-making focus). This curriculum is now available through National Council. After a signed contract, Mississippi would be a demonstration site again for this year. Estimating about $4,300 per site. Requires a training. RFP will be available off the web and a short turnaround time is expected.
Darlene reported on a meeting in Atlanta and she did attend. They are moving ahead and our assignment is to come forward with our competencies. They also may ask us to prioritize those and identify three or four modules that we would like to get up on the web within a year's time. This would be a peer-reviewed process. There is a pressure to produce. They are working on a pilot module that is still in the planning stage. She recommended that we proceed, first beginning with existing materials. Charles noted that some things were underway. YDPA design team meeting is going to focus on similar items - the meeting on Monday at NAE4-HA would be very appropriate to attend. CECP has standards for the framework, but has not yet designed the peer review process. Both groups need to work together. In the volunteer area - might be able to incorporate TAXI. CECP has not addressed the intellectual property issues. We need to stay connected with national efforts.
5. Trust
Martha reported on the transitional phase of the Trust. There have been some personnel changes at National 4-H Council. Susan Halbert has been assigned the support role and the Trust is concerned about the ability to provide adequate support. She noted a regrouping and new membership have caused things to slow. Have a telephone conference this noon. She will forward information as it becomes available. Thearon suggested that Martha discuss on-going need to continue to do environmental scanning in context of the National Conversation. Allen Smith has been keeping track of the implementation and timeline for the National Strategic Plan. Martha inquired about the status of the new positions that were announced. FCS position had 23 qualified applicants (as of last week). Afterschool program seems to be working well (National 4-H Council). Some reallocation of responsibilities have been implemented among existing personnel.
6. Things for NAE4-HA Report for Gary
Charles noted that Gary had requested information that he should report to the board. It was suggested that the CECP project be forwarded to allow larger awareness. The trust did appoint a group to discuss trainings for national and regional efforts for new staff. Most likely funded by the national council.
7. PLC Report
Charles covered a meeting that discussed information technology / communications which is recommended to split into two groups instead of one. It appears that there is not universal consensus, particularly within the 1890 institutions (due to few individuals representing those institutions). They also, within 4-H, did include in the minutes the concern about the lack of representation on the PLC with the 1890 institutions, asking them to make an appointment to represent us. Communication has not yet been received back, although it was discussed. We should continue to encourage our State Directors to be aware of this request. There may be other changes in states. The PLC will be having the next meeting soon. The meeting next year in Little Rock will be in August at the normal time. The directors did approve the Program Leadership Network proposal.
Dave Barrett (ASRED) did not have a report.

The majority of SR 4-H Program Leaders - will be at NAE4-HA. Will see each other at CCS and State Staff meal. There will be a proposal for a representative structure for the CCS Board. (Sunday 1:30- Claremont Room).

A question was raised about the support for the youth involvement on national committees. It was suggested that this be done every 12 months instead of every 18 months.

Adjourned at 10:55

Rough notes taken by Marilyn Norman, Florida