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4H Program Leaders Biennial Meeting
New Orleans
March 2, 2004
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March 2, 2004

Rough notes taken over breakfast

  1. Report from National 4-H Leadership Trust
    1. The National 4-H Leadership trust is focusing on funding in Essential Elements.
    2. Bo noted that the Trust had developed guidelines for partnerships that will be provided at State Leader Meeting
    3. Bo recommended that the Trust take action to more firmly anchor the PRK within the 4-H movement. T3 should also be included as a valuable resource. Bob moved to have T3 updated, as well as finding a home for it. Seconded and approved. This needs to be taken to Trust. The status of TAXI was also questioned and it was noted that the Orange section had never been published.
    4. Marilyn noted that a generic statement had been released for Florida 4-H concerning Religious expression. A copy would be sent to Southern Region State Leaders. It contains a template of 12 steps for making decisions about accepting, and will be considered a Trust document. They will try to make it available on a public site.
    5. The Trust for next 12-18 months will focus on essential elements of 4-H - (# of staff; quality of staff); Communication (David Henderson wants to be involved in all states). The message is "4-H is a community of young people across America learning citizenship, leadership, and life skills. He needs stores of young people who's lives have been changed by 4-H all ages; please nominate kids. And finally, funding-there appears to be frustration from the ECOP 4-H task force, particularly for the lack of movement at Federal funding.
  2. Rural Development Grants: Terril discussed the reimbursement process back to the state as a part of the grant. State Leaders were asked to designate the how the reimbursement would be handled in each state. He estimated there will be more per state than anticipated first anticipated, but it will not be available until after April. Approximately amount will range from $310.40 to $318.25/per person if on a per person basis. The Evaluation component still needs to be completed (part of grant proposal).

    The discussion on Multi-state efforts focused on the potential new round of grants. Martha reported they had been called, contracts are coming, no dates yet, just that the report is due at the end of April. A quarter of the money is sent at time.

    Also included in the proposal was a multi-state professional development event. IT was suggested that we could train one 4-H team per state. Discussion was held about appropriate timing for conference; it was suggested to couple this event with the end of congress. Concurrent workshops could also be held during Congress. Consensus was that the concurrent idea was best. Terrill will work with Programs Committee.

    Discussion also covered the last round of grants; rather than being truly a multi-state effort, the round of grants turned into an aggregating of state efforts. We really should do a better job of multi-state programming.
  3. CECP: Charles noted that the After-school Seminar presented info via CECP and that process helped to increase the interest of several people. Jeff Howard presented a quick update on steering committee meeting last fall. There is a March 15 meeting to establish protocol for a proposed jury process, template models for populating and by August they hope to have these details finished up. The current agenda is to outline the modules needed based on PRK and then find the suppliers of those components. State Extension Directors will need to deal with the issues of T&P for CECP products.

    A person needs to have a designated ID to work with CECP. Jeff also noted that he, too, provided additional discussion about property rights with CECP. They did take note, but didn't do anything. He strongly emphasized that we need to continue the dialogue of scholarship. It needs to be seen as more than a southern region thing. Each state should identify a CECP contact. Strong IT or subject matter also needs to be identified. It was suggested that a broad role description be developed for those with state liaison responsibility
  4. State Leader Meeting in April: The National Hall of Fame and National Conference conclude with the State Leader's meeting occurring after the close of the Hall of Fame. Registration fee anticipated at $103 + $25, payable by check or charge card. The total, $128, covers all but the regional night out. The 22nd is only for early arrivals. The State Leader meeting starts at 4:00 p.m. on 23rd CCS is on last day, an International discussion will be held. Stan Johnson and the new administrator from USDA will both be with us part of the time. The meeting will focus on Essential Elements, communications, and funding. There will also be a solid update on progress on 4-H PRK at the State Leaders meeting.
  5. Next Biennial meeting: The next biennial meeting will be in 2006 in Mississippi. Susan asked for feedback on date, etc. It was advised that we steer clear of National Conference. They will need to begin on committees, and seek breakout presenters, but they will let us know. /will let know.
  6. Southern Region Program Leader Committee/Network: Charles reported there will be cross discipline activities in evaluation at PLC - focused on obesity and Environmental Education. He advised it would be good homework to prepare in 2 areas. In addition there may be two new task forces at PLN.
  7. Susan Halbert provided comments from National 4-H Council that focused on the National 4-H Trust. The Trust is feeling more complete, with good participation from all sectors. She serves as a facilitator and helps them work through their agenda. Brand work started a year ago. The group got really energized by all the issues. National Council has renamed the Center to the National 4-H Youth Conference Center. Components of its operation include a look and feel focused on a teen welcoming center. There is more technology, the look and feel will be more vibrant, and there will be more comfortable furniture.

    Charles distributed information about the Gumball fund raiser: send him an e-mail & he will send a promo-box. Approved for use of the 4-H Name and Emblem through national channels.
  8. Leadership Assignment Modifications:
    Joe Kurth will serve a state liaison to National Horse/Livestock Judging & Skill A Thon committee.


Notes taken by Marilyn N. Norman