4H-July 12, 2007
Conference Call
July 12, 2007

Present: Susie Holder, MS; Jeff Howard, TX, Kelley Rembert - SC; Marylin Norman, FL, Thearon McKinney, NC; Martha Couch, TX, Bo Ryles, GA, Dorothy Wilson, OK, Lamar Nichols, AL, Alice Ann Moore, TN, Charles Cox, OK, Javittee Samual, TN, MarkTassin- LA; Janet Fox-LA; Luis Mejia - PR; and Darlene Baker - AR\

Meeting was called or order at 8:00 CST by Chair, Lamar Nichols.

Items added to the agenda: Shooting Sports - Bo Ryles and NPL Meeting - Mark Tassin.

Action Item :
Janet Fox and Kelley Rembert will be added to the list serve

Approval of April conference call minutes

Minutes were approved as presented.

PLN Conference - registration is up and ready to go for the August PLN meeting. Check the website for details. Dates: August 27-30 th , Louisville, KY.

Action Item :
Lamar will be developing the agenda for 4-H and will distribute closer to the date.

Biennial Conference - Susan Holder reported that March 10-14, 2008 will be the dates, the Grand Hotel in Tunica, MS, the location of the Biennial Conference. The hotel rate will be around $69 per night. Susan will distribute a packet to each state at PLN.

Action Item :
Each state needs to submit a name to serve on the selection committee for program sessions. Send the name to Susan Holder.

CECP Commitments

Jeff Howard reported that CECP is pushing forward and encouraged each state leader to check with their faculty. Jeff reported that 10 of the 13 states have paid their $500 pledge for the projects. States paid are: Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. These funds are being used to pay the IT people to post. Connie Phelps, AR will chair of the group to develop jury standards. A national call has gone out and Jeff will provide an update in August. The goal is to have 30 units up by August.

Action Item : Jeff will forward the commitment list from last year. Needs have shifted so this will be an agenda item in August.

SR Teen Leadership Conference

Marylin and Alice Ann reported the date is Sept. 6-9, 2007 and location, Crossville, TN. Proposals for workshops are out. Registration is due in mid August. Additional information can be found on the website: www.srtlc.com .

National Curriculum Conference

Jeff Howard reported that the conference was well organized and key topics included - standards, best practices, setting priorities, base programs/curriculum; and futuristic approach to curriculum. The conference validated and affirmed the need to start within three months a new jury process. However, national headquarters did not commit to this time line. A concern voice by several participating in the conference was a lack of depth - more talk than action.

Meet-up Report

Bo reported this group has not met the past two months.

SET Conference Review

Tony Cook, AL, joined the group.

40 states were represented and the conference purred a lot of thought. Conference was a good launching pad for the national priority. Each state needs to develop a plan. The national goal is to reach 1M new kids by going beyond traditional audiences (online, etc.). Tony Cook reported that the National SET leadership team will meet in August.

Shooting Sports

Bo Ryles drew everyone's attention to the email message from Cathann Kress, regarding the National Shooting Sports 4-H Foundation and the withdrawal of permission for them to use the name and emblem. Questions raised were: "What happens to the "debts" alleged for the Foundation?"; and "What will happen to the National Shooting Sports Ambassador program?"

Action Item :
Any input should be sent to Ron Howard in Texas and copied to Bo Ryles.

National Program Leader Meeting

Mark reported a June 18 phone conference planning meeting was held. The location will be in the NE region, most likely Boston with the Radisson being the first choice. The committee reviewed the purpose and goals for the meeting and sought to clarify. The evaluations from Denver ere examined. The new state leader meeting will continue and perhaps be expanded. Mark will email the dates. The committee felt there needs to be a balance in the program for the meeting and that it should not be just a national update. The planning committee will meet again in September.

Action Item :
Lamar has a list of six questions to be answered. He will forward to everyone prior to PLN. Feedback should be emailed to Mark and brought to PLN.


Jeff reported 2008 CYFAR will be held in San Antonio at the Hyatt Riverwalk, May 5-9, 2008.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 a.m.

Next Meeting:  August 27, 2007, Louisville, Kentucky

Respectfully submitted,
Darlene Baker, Secretary