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4-H Youth Development Committee
Conference Call
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July 17, 2003

Members Present:

Darlene Baker
Roger C. "Bo" Ryles
Terril Faul
Susan Holder
Thearon McKinney
Charles B. Cox

Committee Reports:

  1. CECP
    Charles and Darlene reported on work being done on CECP. We will review work during the committee meetings in Little Rock. They have now signed on as course administrators and are working to post some of the Oklahoma Core Competencies lessons on line.
  2. Biennial Meeting
    Terril indicated that work is moving forward and that a promotion will be done at the PLN joint meeting.
  3. Trust
    Bo reported that the Trust is to discuss the place of religion in 4-H at their next meeting which he will not be able to attend. Martha will however be there. He also reported that Classmates.com was interested in working with 4-H and that Don Floyd was talking to them and will bringing more information to the Trust. He indicated that there was some concern about Hall of Fame process and that Pam Olsen was working on this issue.
  4. Rural America Grant
    Susan reported that it appears that there will be a second round, however it will be limited to the regions not the individual states. She indicated that she and Susan Halbert would be better able to share information in August.
  5. Sportfishing Training
    The training will be in Alabama, Doug Steele sent info a month or so ago. Scholarship money is available.

Items for the August Agenda: