Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call
January 10, 2008

Darlene Baker – AR,
Judith Conde - PR,
Janet Fox – LA,
Susan Holder – MS,
Joe Kurth – KY,
Thearon McKinney – NC,
Alice Ann Moore – TN,
Tondalaya Nelson – FL,
Marilyn Norman – FL,
Kellye Rembert – SC,
Bo Ryles – GA,
Javiette Samuel – TN,
Claudette Smith – NC,
Marshall Stewart – NC,
Mark Tassin – LA,
Dorothy Wilson – OK.

The following additions were made to the agenda:
Biennial Conference – Susan Holder
National Curriculum Committee – Marilyn Norman
PLN Meeting – Dorothy Wilson
PWG – Bo Ryles

Dorothy Wilson moved and Mark Tassin made a second to approve the October 16 minutes as read.

Biennial Conference:
Susan reviewed dates/deadlines for the Biennial 4-H Specialist Conference to be held March 10-12, 2008 in Tunica Mississippi. Arkansas will be handling registration (10:00 AM – Noon) and the first session will begin at 2:00. Participants need to allow one hour for travel from Memphis to Tunica – shuttle options to be posted. October 16 (today) is the deadline for proposals –very few are in as of now. The Roundtable sessions or workshops would be great for young faculty resumes. The Exhibit/Poster session submission form is on the website. Retirees’ names have been submitted – they will join in some of the functions. A breakfast is being held for the retirees on Wednesday. Hotel registration deadline – February 9. Dorothy Wilson noted that EFNEP Coordinators will be meeting in Washington DC at the same time as the Biennial Conference.

National Curriculum Committee:
Marilyn inquired as to whether anyone knew what was happening with respect to the curriculum process. Bo responded that the PWG had a conference call over holidays – he will look into his notes and report back to the group. He will also follow-up with Cathann. Marilyn posed questions raised at a curriculum committee meeting on Jan. 9. It appears as though things are slowing down…almost to the point of where we were before this process. There is a concern that if the momentum stops we will lose all the progress made. Question – has the criteria changed? Question – how many content areas and/or learning materials should be included? Question – how will we manage the large numbers of materials? Claudette mentioned that there is indication things are “on hold” until the PWG can consider the questions and some other information. Perhaps there is a survey going to program leaders. Bo commented that there is a large amount of curriculum posted for review and revision. He solicited questions from group to take back to Cathann and the PWG. The group agreed that we need clarification on who is making decisions about the curriculum. Darlene reminded the group that there were no revisions made in ’07, and it takes a year for revisions to go through. This means that it could be later than ’09 for new curriculum. Marilyn reported that “Project Butterfly Wings” is still out for revision – they have not heard anything, though. Dorothy recalled that updates were to be sent to everyone. Bo proposed a caucus of Marilyn, Dorothy, Claudette and Jeff to coordinate questions for Bo to carry to PWG.


PLN Meeting:
Dorothy attended the face-to-face meeting in Atlanta. At this meeting, topics for conference in Greensboro, NC were discussed – health/nutrition is at the top of the list. Dorothy made a requested for speaker suggestions – send her any information about speakers. Nelson Daniels is chair of the committee.

Bo reported that PWG met during Christmas holidays. Cloverbud guidelines and club guidelines were the main topics of discussion for this meeting – these guidelines will come out in early January. He noted that there was a good bit of discussion about curriculum and SET.
Preventing Childhood Overweight Survey (FCS Program Leaders Request):
Claudette reported that FCS wants to make connection with our group. Judith Warren from Texas has circulated the Childhood Overweight Survey and Claudette will circulate it to us. If you are doing programs related to this and are not connected to FCS group, please fill out the included form and send to Judith - this is to help us all connect. It was mentioned that this should be a headliner for the Greensboro meeting.

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