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Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call
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January 5, 2006


Marilyn Norman, Florida
Terrill Faul, Louisiana
Bo Ryles, Georgia
Suzi Holder, Mississippi
Darlene Baker, Arkansas
Jeff Howard, Texas
Martha Couch, Texas
Brian Signaigo, Tennessee
Claudette Smith, North Carolina
Javiette Samuel, Tennessee
Lamar Nichols, Alabama
Charles Cox, Oklahoma
Carmen from Puerto Rico
Keith Diem, South Carolina
Alice Ann Moore, Tennessee
Mel Garber, Georgia

Marilyn Norman convened the conference call.

Bo Ryles introduced Dr. Mel Garber, Liaison/Administrative Adviser to the Southern Region State Program Leaders.

Bo Ryles stated that Dr. Garber gives great support to 4-H.

Item 1

Dr. Garber made brief comments about serving as advisor to the State Program Leaders.

Item 2 - Operation Military Kids

Questions and concerns about progress on the grants as well as the mobile technology lab. Texas and Florida have received their labs. Other states have not and have been told that the labs are on hold for now.

Questions were discussed about the expectations from USDA as well as military liaisons. Marilyn will formulate questions to present to Sherri Wright.

Step 1 - Send questions, emails, letters to Marilyn Norman ASAP.
Step 2 - Marilyn will summarize the questions and concerns from across the region to send to Sherri Wright.

Marilyn will discuss this with Sherri and possibly set a conference call to address the questions.

Concerns that were discussed were the access to the mobile tech labs and amount of time dedicated to OMK from state 4-H staff.

Item 3 - Biennial Meeting

The Biennial Meeting will be held April 10-12, 2006. The theme is Discover 4-H Treasures. Charles Cox gave an update on the meeting. The conference site is secured and are working on funding. Registration amount was increased slightly. Schedule may change depending on the flexibility of the meeting space. There is a part time registration. Request to reinforce applications for seminars to 4-H faculty. Deadline for submitting seminar proposals is February 1. There are conflicts with the Biennial Meeting - Leadership Trust, some state conflicts.

Item 4 - CCS Update

Darlene Baker, Dorothy Wilson and Jeff Howard are serving on the CCS Board and represent Program Leaders concerns. The board is making some adjustments. Expressed concerns to the board such as:

  1. How CCS is run
  2. Materials that are available
  3. How materials are sold

CCS Update - The board is currently rewriting business plan and updating by-laws.

Baker - Tom Zurker's term will expire. Board will be evaluating management of CCS by Tom Zurker's group. Bids for management of CCS will be sent out.

CCS relies on Tom Zurker because of the history and because the board has limited time to spend on the management of CCS. Please contact the representatives for concerns you may have.

Howard - There are challenges at national headquarters. There is an appreciation for the aggressive approach of the jury process. However, scheduling the time frame is not necessarily conducive to the business plan as it relates to printing and distribution process as well as the deadlines. There will need to be adjustments and will try to work with the mission mandate that Byron Stewart has been given.

Item 5 - CECP - Howard

The design team coordinators are in place. Plans are being made to have a national call among all state staff for a task force to serve on the national design team. The next step is to work with Barbara Stone for a Professional Development Plan for the next funding cycle. There is $10,000 designated for CECP. Design team coordinators felt that it is advantageous to meet face to face in April or May.

The group is working on modules particularly PRKC and also broader groups. There is some thought that some funds may be considered to be used to find an individual to dedicate more time to CECP. The team is evaluating to see if more people are needed to assist with CECP.

Item 6 - NAE4-HA liaison - Brian Signaigo

Had a successful national conference with 1200 participants NAE4-HA will host JCEP Leadership workshops.

Bo Ryles is the liaison for state leaders.

Dr. Kress is have discussion regarding the State 4-H Associations and the name and emblem.

Item 7 - National Program Leader Annual Meeting

Meeting will be held March 13-16. Online registration - early registration is encouraged. There are a block of rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn, will close February 10. National council will accept P.O.s for registration. If you have specific concerns, contact Marilyn Norman or Suzi Holder.

Item 8 - Rural Youth Grant

Cox named states that received grants.

Item 9 - Southern Region Volunteer Leader Forum

The committee met in December. Funding concerns: Funding issues for host states. They asked that states give support for the forum by paying for expenses for volunteers serving on the committee. Another option is to assess a payment for each state. The question was asked about National 4-H Council support.

Suggestion is to check to see if other regions might be having funding issues. Request for assistance might be National 4-H Council and the Leadership Trust. Another issue is how funds are passed from state to state. Often there are delays in passing the money to the host state.

Item 10 - 4-H Group exemption - Cox, Howard

Oklahoma and Texas are pursuing the group exemptions. IRS was contacted. They will report back with information.

Item 11 - PLN - Nichols

Met following National Congress in Atlanta. The meeting in August 2006 will be in San Juan. More information to come. The focus for the joint conference will be disaster preparedness.

Item 12 - Southern Region Teen Leadership Forum - Norman

Interest has been expressed to have a Southern Region Teen Leadership Forum in Alabama or Rock Eagle for November 2007. The suggestion came from the Southern Region group attending John Deere's Leaders Academy.

Item 13 - Religious Expression - Norman

Charles and Darlene indicated they used Florida materials and found them to be helpful. Marilyn indicated they have a one page summary outlining their proposal.


Meeting was adjourned.

Next conference call will be on April 6, 2006.