Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call

January 8, 2004

Commenced at: 8 a.m. Central, 9 a.m.


Harvey Gordon (for Susan Holder), Barbara Stone, Terrill Faul; Dorothy Wilson; Darlene Baker; Alice Ann Moore; Charles Cox; Paul Coreil; Barbara Speziale, Bo Ryles; Marilyn Norman;

Update on SR Meeting

Terril reviewed the information about the upcoming conference including registration, hotel accommodations, and the website with presentations listed. The seminars will be reimbursed ($400.+). In addition, exhibits were also chosen. Either an exhibit or a presentation should be related to the grant dollars as part of the grant deliverables. They are still working on the details of the reimbursement process for general registration and the presentations. He reviewed the entire program, clarifying and seeking input from the group. We should expect about 120-125 total. Charles expressed appreciation for all the work.

Trust Update - Bo and Martha

The Trust meets next week and Bo reviewed the major action items. International Task Force (please respond to the survey); Collegiate 4-H and how we can support it; JC Penny sponsorship of a National Conversation; guidelines for partnership; e-generation conversation. Bo also requested ideas for discussion. Martha reviewed that she has sent in the surveys on International.

CECP Update

Jeff Howard reported on the last CECP meeting and found that the concept is a very exciting one. There will be an opportunity to share info at the upcoming conference. There is another meeting coming up in March. Charles noted that at the Biennial meeting, there will be an opportunity to engage additional individuals in the development process.

New Grants Update

How will we make sure these are really multi-state efforts as we had planned? It was noted that the last round of applications really did not assume a multi-state approach, but rather a collection of state proposals aggregated under an umbrella.

Professional Development Update

Barbara Stone noted that the work of the committee reviewing the PRK is building their taxonomy in a format similar to CECP. She is working hard at the professional development of youth professionals, both looking at the immediate needs of professionals, but also the larger picture. The committee chairs have met, an environmental scan and research review have been done, and now they are looking at working to build the taxonomy based on the model of CECP. They are pleased with the Task Force work so far.

They are also working to elevate the discussion on the issues of scholarship. They are looking at educational models, and other work across the field. Both the Professional Development Committee and NAE4-HA are working to further this effort. She shared the concept of the "Programs of Distinction". She also mentioned the monthly meetings that have been sponsored. They are also seeking ways to be responsive to state program leaders.

PLN Task Force Update

Charles noted a new task force was appointed dedicated to working on executive development. This higher level training appears to be somewhat fragmented and the new task force is to examine what thee opportunities are and how State Extension Directors can support executive development. A second task force to be appointed will be focused on multi-state efforts in childhood obesity. The next PLC meeting will be similar to last year with additional interactive time on overlapping topics (childhood obesity, environmental stewardship, etc.)

Vacant Committee Assignments

Martha Couch will be chair of Headquarters Committee and Terril Faul will be co-chair of the Program Committee for National 4-H Congress. On CCS, Dorothy will be serving on the CCS Board; Bob Meadows will be retiring from CCS board in late 2004; good representation on curriculum committees. Other vacancies are National Trust volunteer representative (starting with meeting in the next quarter) for a two year position. A paragraph description needs to be sent to Bo as soon as possible. A State Leader needs to be a represented on the National Volunteerism Conference Planning Committee for 2005.

The Program Leader meeting in March is in the planning process, with details to be sent following the Trust meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 AM