4H Committee
Louisville, KY
August 28, 2007


Lamar Nichols, AL
Bo Ryles, GA
Kellye Rembert, SC
Janet Fox, LA
Mark Tassin, LA
Ivory W. Lyles, Administrative Advisor , AR
Bob Meadows, VA
Martha Couch, TX
Jeff Howard, TX
Susie Holder, MS
Marylin Norman, FL
Dorothy Wilson, OK
Marshal Stewart, NC
Thearon McKinney, NC
Javiette Samuel, TN
Charles Cox, OK
Wanda Burke, LA
Alice Ann Moore, TN
Claudette Smith, NC
Judith Conde, Puerto Rico
Gina Taylor, West Virginia

Guest: Dr. Robert Richard - LSU

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Chair, Lamar Nichols.

Approval of July 12, 1007 conference call minutes

Bob moved, Dorothy seconded. Minutes were approved with corrections in spelling of three names.

Administrative Advisor Report - Dr. Ivory W. Lyles

Four items:

1. SET vs STEM -

Why selected SET vs STEM; obvious answer do not have math curriculum - many southern directors do not agree with decision:

ASK us to continue conversation - how can do engineering w/o math. Western region continuing conservation . SR directors feel STEM makes Extension a stronger partner with education - common language. National headquarters has met with ECOP and requested an endorsement for SET.

2. 4-H Caucus -

Year three of process, good job, encourage to get involved and get all Representatives and Senators to sign on. Strength in numbers. Jill Long Thompson stepped down running for Governor.

3. 4-H ECOP Task Force

Priorities: funding issue - nothing to hitch 4-H to - line item in the federal budget.

- increase capacity of 4-H faculty - increase capacity for grant writing.

-working with National 4-H Council to become lead org. for fund raising at the national level; been endorsed by 4-H ECOP.

Couple of succinct messages

4. 4HCCS

Vote to disband 4HCCS without assurances of how funds will be spent was disturbing to some of the Directors. Urge use to revisit; rethink some way to get in writing that funds will be used in ways we intended.

Concerns: transition team has not been functioning.

ACTION - Jeff will draft points to be carried forward.

Plan: Bo and Jeff will work on post board what to happen and a timeline.

Marshall expressed appreciation to Dr. Lyles for the SET/STEM. Urges state leaders to visit with the Directors.

National 4-H Congress - Charles reported nothing has happened in regards to transition of Congress to National 4-H Congress.

Doug Steele told Charles that the goal was to transition money from ADC to National 4-H Council after this year's Congress. The committee has not met. Charles assured the group that the transition committee would not approve moving the funds unless there was an MOU; that honored the current agreement with Susan Stewart.

Dr. Lyles expressed his confidence in Don Floyd. Dr. Lyles relayed that Don under great pressure, and has done a great job getting council back on track.

National Learning Priorities Steering Committee - Dr. Robert Richard, LSU, reported on the National Learning Priorities Steering Committee. The committee's charge:

Recommend and implement learning solutions for 4-H educators five elements: PRKC.

The committee is composed of 12 people including: Mary Williams - FL; Barbara Stone, Lori Purcell - GA. The committee has met twice face to face and meets monthly via conference calls. How do we develop/deliver materials? Each team involving others around the country. NAE4-HA Atlanta will meet-methodologies, etc. make sure tie to eXtension. Each group is assessing what's already out there to avoid duplication.

Regional Business

Program Leader Committee - Dorothy Wilson

Met yesterday, distributed committee schematic. Dorothy's last year to serve. Will report back on Thursday from the 4-H group. Conducted a first timer's orientation. Next year's meeting will be in Greensboro , N.C. August 25-27, 2008.

Biennial Conference - Susie Holder distributed packet - highlights, Arkansas will handle registration. Tunic, MS is the location; airport Memphis ; March 10-13, 2008; Grand Casino Hotel complex; room rate $59 per night for four star hotel Reg fee: $175.

Conference registration will be online - call for presentations in packet; concurrent sessions and roundtables - will be juried.

ACTION ITEM - Send Susie staff/faculty name to serve on selection committee.

Questions for group :

     Question one- categories for Who's doing my job? Are they correct

     Question two - retirees - share names with Susie or Dalton Proctor in NC

     Question three - keynoters - Marketing speaker suggested

     Question four - tour preferences - history, 4-H, environmental, what will appeal to staff most - Memphis

     Question five - need definite guess on number of people that will attend from each state

Share info with staff - registration will be online.

Southern Region Volunteer Leader Forum - Janet Fox

LA in charge of workshops, KY will host. Monsanto grant. Registration due August 31, this year there is a late fee of $50. New fee structure.

Bo Ryles suggested not get too heavy handed. If they want to change the name; should come back to the state leaders or other major decision as well.

LA will try to collect some impact data on the forum next year.

Southern Region Teen Leadership Forum - Alice Ann and Marylin

Crossville , TN over 200 registered. Youth/Adult partnership theme. Bring teams of youth & adults. FL & TN have both been involved for 2 years a result of John Deere Leadership Academy . Would like additional states step up to assist if want to continue. High energy conference planned for next week.

Call for other states to host - AL interested in 2009; LSU will help with the planning.

Retirements -Bo will collect $20 pp for one retirement - Bob Meadows

Charles Cox will take care of having the gift made.


Jeff distributed summary of commitments of support by state and the status report for modules as of August 2007 and the current coursed online.

Three groups: Pilot process, Jury process, Content

All states have met their $500 commitment to hire IT people to post modules.

Procedure: Author develops content following template; sends to Texas - IT formats and puts up in draft stage; then ready to pilot; four sites pilot and suggests changes/ adjustments; then sent to jury.

Marketing plan - Plan to develop tri-fold brochure to market 4-H component of CECP. Send in mass to distribute to state; should be ready soon before NAE4-HA. Focus on-board new Extension agents.

CECP needs from 4-H Program leaders:

  1. Letter stating support of project and intent to use for on-boarding YD professionals
  2. Professional faculty to serve on jury with background in domain
  3. County Extension Agents to serve on pilot with background in domain.

Information item to draft letter on behalf of SR 4-H leaders (see one).

Information Item: Share status report chart to entire group . Jeff will draft.

Connie Phelps, Mandy Marable. Jan Burks, Molly Gregg managing the jury process.

Feature CECP at Biennial Conference and train staff.

Jeff expressed appreciation to states with faculty working on the CECP team.

Commend Jeff and his leadership on CECP.

Leadership Roles Review & Update 

Livestock Judging & Skill A Thon report Lamar. SR Horse show VA host next year helmets will be required by all participants when mounted. Real, not bike helmet.

IRB requirements must be met by all- heads up for subject matter specialist.

ACTION ITEM: Make recommendation Charles Cox stay on Congress board as the ASRED appointment to the National 4-H Congress board until 2010.

Susie, Dorothy moved.

1890 needs to recommend :

Partner Group - information /action

National Curriculum System Overview group - 2

Chair for next year

ACTION ITEM ECOP - subcommittee rep

Susie moved to take to a nomination committee, Bo seconded motion.

Susie Chair; Bo and Marylin are the committee.

Chair Responsibilities - keep plan of work up to date on web site, chair conference calls, setup conference calls, liaison to set-up agenda items - go through Kathy SDRC center; attend PLN day in advance meet with overall PLN committee marching orders. Get 4-H action items in computer - interact with Administrative Advisor.

Chair PLN meeting/agenda; keep list serves updated.

Nomination: for 2009 Chair 1862

Bo Ryles reported our retirement fund balance was $310 prior to today; after today's contributions balance is $610.

Kellye distributes brochure for Strengthening Families, Youth and Communities: Putting Knowledge to Work, Feb. 11-14, 2008.

NAE4-HA liaison to our group needs to be invited to participate in our meetings and be on our conference calls.

Dr. Lyles excellent report on CECP
Points of pride 4HCCS, CECP; Biennial CONF and STEM vs SET

State Leader's meeting questionnaire.
Discussion tabled until Wednesday. Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

August 29, 2007
1890 Report and Leadership Nominations

Javiette Samuel - Partner Communication group (Note: later it was determined that Harry Thayer DL is already on the ECOP as the official 1890 representation)

ECOP - Wanda Burke must be approved by 1890 Administrators

Curriculum Overview - Dorothy Wilson and Wanda Burke

Chair - Claudette Smith NC

Bo moved, Kellye seconded. Motion passed to accept 1890 report

Nomination committee report: Susie on behalf of Bo, Marylin: Incoming Vice Chair Darlene Baker; secretary Kellye.

Motion Martha Couch moved to accept Bob Meadows seconded. Motion passed.

Lamar reviewed information items:

CECP- 20 modules by Oct

CCS transition - MOA/MOU will request from national. Complete by Sept. 15 2007

Congress Board Appointment - request reappointment of Dr. Charles Cox


Call by Cathann Kress :8:10 a.m. group roll call. Greetings

Curriculum Next Steps:

Productive summit, excellent representation from the south. Gathered great deal of information, working to put together a couple of teams/work groups and decisions on how to handle things in the future. National curriculum team small provide oversite, curriculum committee or participated in the summit. Regions can nominate people - get name to Cathann.

Small team, good perspective on curriculum - 10-12 people; one face-to-face meeting, after that calls - require a good amount of time. Oversite for other work groups. Group help guide- make decisions - management team - understand curriculum well.

Region should submit 4-5 names, won't all be selected probably, but might. 1890 and or 1862; rank order would be helpful but do not have to.

Jeff asked Cathann about the former 4-H CCS board and their role as post board transition. Not a separate group. Would be on the group automatically if have a desire to do so. Also suggested that the oversite group/committee could also be the one to serve as fund management role.

Three work groups: summit part. And curriculum committee members

First Priority - National Directory on curriculum - Nancy Schaff has begun work

Curriculum in 4 categories - criteria:

  1. Project Materials - individual member
  2. Group Curriculum
  3. Professional/Volunteer Development
  4. Guides - supplemental materials; background info - not full curriculum

Jury Review Process

Decided curriculum developed within state and state id and done a review, will not at this point require a national review. May change.

Pilot - issues of time lines; and not incorporating changes from piloting due to time - proposing material come in for national review before they complete pilot. Go forward; pilot be conducted during first year, then come back for a permanent review.

National Headquarters hopes to do a call for priorities this fall. Will depend on oversight team as how priorities are set.

Clarification on state produced items- state reviewed - would be permissible to sell across the nation as long as id as a Texas product - but would not be offered through Source book unless it has gone through national jury.

SET Update

Early June conference 122 people, 40 states. Put together a lot of state plans. Follow up Breeze conferences for states who could not attend. Planning to have SET as theme for National 4-H Week, October internal launch; public early spring. Suzanne Le Menestrel - heading the SET evaluation Design Team. Timeline for evaluation tools ready for spring of 2008.

Packet for national 4-H week - does not know when we will have them.

Cathann will check to see status of packets and send us all an email.

ES-237 Update

Still working on. Approval to make some changes without going back for each item. Still working on - can't implement during next collection period. Reporting software - want to use whatever we are using currently. Will be providing a software system - not a lot of bells and whistles. Feel free to purchase one already available.

When will the call for the 2007 data ? - guess it will be the normal time. November 1. Group requested an acknowledgement be sent back to the state.

Cathann will ask Suzanne to send an update.

Shooting Sports Update

Looking at program committee transiting to a home at one of the LGU. Can pay a coordinator. Foundation has paid this person in the past. Been contacted by three LGU who are interested. Texas has volunteered to host some of the equipment. Will do a public call for LGU. Shooting Sports Foundation wraps up this week. Some donors indicated will continue to support. Shooting Sports Foundation not very happy with us. Going well for the most part. Jeff Goodwin doing a good job leading the committee. Hopeful the invitational will go on.

Shooting Sports Foundation intention is mixed a small handful wish to continue. Forming the Youth Shooting Alliance - cannot raise money in name of 4-H.

Debt of the Foundation did we assume any liability - her understanding that by the time that they close out the 4-H Foundation they will be solvent. Use their endowment.

Bo - question about the Shooting Sports Committee - is it still there - YES.


Filing requirements from the IRS

New fact sheets are almost done - on website week of Sept. 10, 2007. Will receive an alert

  1. Filing requirements
  2. what is tax exempt status

Clear there is a lot of confusion about what means under national umbrella. Only exemption is from federal income tax under income generated in the name of 4-H. Sales tax is the purview of the state laws.

New process from IRS for groups that are part of umbrella. All have to do is contact us.

Sent to Maria Arnold.

Club contacts National HQ

National HQ contacts state for verification

State contacts HQ to verify

HQ issues a letter to the club

Certification process

Directly under the control of Extension Service, 1942 granted exemption to 4-H units directly under the control of Extension Service. Get out the authorization continuum - chartered group ones to be given certification. MOA or MOU would not.

All of clubs and groups we recognized under our control will have to do e-post card. If don't want to raise money or don't care about being tax exempt then don't have to do. Letters are going out from IRS. This year all will need to do the electronic filing. That will generate a list for 4-H. List they have is certification. HQ will send each state with their list of groups that have registered. Want us to :

•  Check to be sure list is current. If need to add, add
•  if need to delete - do so
•  sign to certify and ship back to Cathann
•  Cathann has to do by December to IRS
•  Next July 2008; IRS will send a new list
•  Annual basis will have to update each December

Will have our electronic list in the next month we will need to get back to Cathann.

Will also be posted on state leader web site.

If a club changes their name - just note on annual certification and HQ will make the change.

Friend groups - how do we handle? If they are a group under the control of Extension - then they can be included. This decision is a state decision.

County level foundations - as they emerge will become critical. ECOP is also concerned and will probably put together a team to assist.

What do you have in writing MOU/MOA when a problem arises.

School clubs - and chartering = TN chartered each county.

Should not be chartered a family as a club . If have families who are doing 4-H that's great but should not be chartering and be given tax exempt status to a family.

Questions on these issues know that fact sheets are coming - with examples and more everyday language.

Title IX and ADA - a reminder -

Title IX - 1972 can't discriminate against sex - two exemptions - one sports that require ongoing contact. The other is if you have contests based on personal appearance, talent, poise, based on gender - are permissible, however - if use other criteria like journals, skills, etc. If incorporate education no longer exempt.

ADA - number of calls this summer - concern only place any problem is county fairs no good way to alert judge that child had disability. Friendly reminder that need to be aware and check how to notify.

Anyone who can help - USDA Civil Rights Department - Cathann can connect us with someone. Contact her directly.

KA's and 4-H - The Good News

Knowledge Areas - Plan of Work - victory - huge -

KA 806 all POW info is in and it's being shared. It is amazing what has been reported compared to all other program areas. 10 times greater than second. We are number one in FTE's and resources.

Feedback to Cathann:

Headquarters needs to know needs to be a regimented plan for curriculum development and how process will work. There's concern brewing about whether or not items will continue to update - no RFPs etc. Element is rising. Anticipate a call this fall.

Sending a request to Cathann and Don. Our group and Extension Directors are sending a request to firm up an agreement on the CCS transition process. No lack of trust on any current players, put something in place for the future.

Cathann's response: intend to do have been waiting for dissolution of CCS. She agrees with our request that the clearer the better for the future.

Agenda Items Added:

West Virginia State Participation

West Virginia State only comes here because all other 1890 schools are in the Southern Region. Better fit to come to the Southern Region. Gina wondering about her degree of participation - voting, etc. Requesting clarification about serving on committees and rep the southern region. Claudette shared that Dr. Lyons said WV should be considered a part of SR.

Susie - 1995 there is a document on file ID's all 1890 institutions as part of this meeting. Full rights and privileges of this group and opportunity to be a part of 1890 and committee decision.


We affirm as of August 29, 2007, we are proud to have WV State as a part of our group.

Curriculum Oversite Nominations:

1862 : Jeff Howard, Mark Tassin, Cheryl Newberry, TX, Steve Sutton, TN, Ed Maxa - N.C.; Joy Jordan, FL.

1890 : Dorothy Wilson -OK; Wanda Burke - LA; Toni Estep - WV State; Javiette Samuel; Claudette Smith

Also send a recommendation that a smaller group be included for the financial oversite group.

Lamar read the draft of the letter regarding 4HCCS transition on behalf of the 20 leaders.


Cathann and Don:

During our southern regional meeting of state 4-H leadership a good and extensive conversation was held relative to our recent and continuing transition of curriculum development, production, and distribution.

On behalf of the twenty leaders present we pose the following requests and questions:

  1. We request the generation and distribution of a written document describing the agreement between National 4-H Council, National 4-H Headquarters, an state Extension programs relative to how the funds transferred from CCS to Council will be used. We would appreciate having this in place before the National meeting of state leader in March of 2008.
  2. We appreciate the opportunity of nominate individuals to serve ont eh curriculum oversight group. We submit the following individuals with endorsement and support of our entire group.
    1. 1890 - Dorothy Wilson, OK, Wanda Burke - Southern University-LA; Toni Estep - West Virginia State, Javiette Samuel; Claudette Smith
    2. 1862 - Jeff Howard -TX; Mark Tassin -LA, Ed Maxa N.C.; Chery Maxwell- TX; Joy Jordan- FL; Steve Sutton -TN

We hope this team can be engaged soon.

WE are optimistic about the future of curriculum in 4-H. WE know each of us will need to stay supportive and involved to assure success of this major move in 4-H.

The State 4-H Leaders of the Southern Region

Report of joint breakfast with FCS

Javiette Samuel reported on Nutrition and Childhood Obesity discussion

-how we can coordinate and strengthen efforts
-is anyone doing policy work - NC serves on Eat Smart Move More task force, Ext doing the activity recommendations for the public schools
-how many participate on community based task forces and councils
-prevention vs intervention
-survey will be sent to Lamar developed by Texas for him to send to us to complete
-add an agenda item to get together next year

Report from Groups

- Louisiana - Smart Bodies - Program of Distinction
- Alabama - Just Move Alabama
-TN capture in their evaluation system used by FCS and 4-H

ACTION- We need to respond to survey

Joint meeting - Claudette as next year's chair need to communicate with the FCS chair before next year's meeting. Need more definition, 4-H felt that the breakfast group concept worked well this year. Could have several and then report. The large group concept. If felt needed by the overall group, should plan as part of the program with facilities to handle.

Program Work Group- Bo Ryles

Not as effective as could be because it is a phone conference only. Proposes:

Once a year the PWG should have a face-to-face strategic timing should be around regional meetings - after all have been held. Could set up a regional phone call on-site at the face-to-face. States would bear the cost of travel if they have a rep.

Group now only has about seven people.

Consider a wickie type conference.

Had a technology expert share with PWG technology - Face Book, My Space, Google, etc. He will be at NAE4-HA in Atlanta .

Good conservation on SET - great start and moving forward.

Empower Bo and Javiette to make a recommendation on how the PWG move forward to increase effectiveness and to adopt practice of debriefing of our phone conferences of items to carry forward.


Directors at their meeting in Seattle have on their list to support STEM as a third priority.

National Program Leaders Meeting

Revisit what we want Mark to take to planning group for National Program Leaders meeting.

Suggested format:

First day and one half, just the state leaders on the program, then invite national partners to join, structured opportunity to share. Go back to philosophy of sharing - partner. Time before and time after.

Study on Positive Youth Development - Dr. Sharon Anderson

Hired Jo Turner for next 18 months to guide on Tufts - in October expecting a $5M check from Phillips Morris - study, Health Rocks and Access 4-H.

Goals to strengthen study and put together a tool kit. Not too late to be a part of the study.

If a state has been involved before but are not now, they would like to have them back in the study. Jo is there to help can do technical assistance and planning. Not looking for huge numbers - want eighth or ninth graders.

Florida , Mississippi and Texas have participated. PR can participate - contact Jo Turner.

GA, TN, VA, PR considering participating.

What Sharon will be sharing with Directors:

12M target by end of the year. Have a team hired to work on

ACCESS 4-H - Bob Ransom in Marketing ; web work stands for ACCESS - available to everyone web site information, interaction and instruction. Working on an in-kind contribution to get set-up. First prototype will be rolled out at NAE4-HA.

Sharon will send power point presentation to Bo and Bo will forward to us.

Licensing - formal agreement that National 4-H Council will be the only place to license to use emblem for items sold across state lines.

Jennifer S. developing competencies for 4-H fund development people. Ready to roll out in New Orleans .

National Program Leader Meeting discussion continued:

Request Mark carry forward:

SR State Leaders want this to be a state leader meeting and encourage complete honesty and communication.

Purpose of the Meeting: Meeting driven by state leaders and they derive the agenda and move it forward. National partners are welcome and will be allocated time on the agenda for their communication issues -it is a two-way learning & communication process. Meeting planners please be sure there is opportunity for interaction. This is the called meeting of state 4-H leaders and should continue to be lead by state 4-H leaders.

Claudette will be invited to join the planning committee conference calls.

Joe Kurth will also be invited to be on the call. Marshall is also on the call.

Specific agenda items:

•  Professional development should be a pre-conference not an agenda item
•  Road runner or round table discussions - organized
•  Resource development
•  Curriculum
•  Marketing
•  Who sets the national priorities?
•  How can we improve communications across partners
•  Things are being decided and then communicated
•  Need employment picture of who does what HQ and National 4-H Council org chart - annually

Biennial agenda add ACCESS into the agenda. Make sure it's hands on and more practical .

State Reports were given.
Meeting adjourned 10:30 a.m.
Respectfully submitted:
Darlene Baker, Secretary