Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call

August 29, 2005

Barbara Stone-DC
Sharon Anderson-DC
Stephanie Felks-SC
Demier Richardson-SC
Keith Diem-SC
Darlene Baker-AK
Joe Kurth-KY
Jeff Howard-TX
Susan Holder-MS
Lamar Nichols-AL
Thearon McKinney-NC
Marshall Stewart-NC
Susan Halbert-MD
Tondalaya Nelson-FL
Manola Erby-MS
Rosalee Bivins-LA
Wanda Burke-LA
Claudette Smith-NC
Joe Kurth-KY
Jeff Howard-TX
Susan Holder-MS
Lamar Nichols-AL
Thearon McKinney-NC
Marshall Stewart-NC
Susan Halbert-MD
Tondalaya Nelson-FL
Manola Erby-MS
Rosalee Bivins-LA
Wanda Burke-LA
Claudette Smith-NC
Marilyn Norman-FL
Millie Ferrer-FL
Ivory Lyles-AK
Alice Ann Moore-TN
Javiette Samuel-TN
Charles Cox-OK
Dorothy Wilson-OK
Bob Meadows-VA
Bo Ryles-GA
Mel Garber-GA
Ruth Lebron- Rivera, PR

Marilyn Norman called the meeting to order. No additions were made to the agenda. List-serve and e-mail information was passed around for corrections and additions.

Report from Administrative Advisor

Dr. Paul Coreil was unable to attend due to the hurricane in Louisiana. Rosalee Bivins represented Dr. Coreil and stated that he is a strong supporter of the 4-H Youth Development program.

National Partners Reports/Business - Barbara Stone NPL

Handouts were passed out that included information regarding; mission of National 4-H Headquarters, use of name/emblem and a staff list:

Fact Sheets

  1. Tax Exempt Status
    Contact Chuck Graves
    Standards manual is being developed
  2. Charters
    Authorization through State 4-H Program Leader
    Two types: Electronic and formal
    Need timeframe for authorizing charters
  3. International Task Force
    There is not a National 4-H International Exchange program
    States that participate in international or exchange programs are totally responsible for risk
  4. ES-237
    There will not be a 2004 report on the Web site
    Future: The reporting requirements will be simpler. Data-standard will be developed at National level. Current versions of the enrollment report can be used to get the data.

National 4-H Headquarters emphasis will be focused on program categories rather than curriculum categories. The program categories are:

National 4-H Council - S. Halbert

Susan showed National 4-H Supply Products:

The National 4-H Supply offers fair share opportunities:

  1. Marketable product - % sales go back to the state
  2. In addition - arrange ideas for products to be put on Web site with an icon to the 4-H Mall in the 4-H catalog. When product is purchased, a percentage of the sale goes back to the state. In other words a % of purchases through the 4-H Mall go back to the state.
  3. National 4-H Supply can do custom products

Media resources are available at There is a collection of products for 4-H week and camping

ATV Video news release will hit media markets before Labor Day

Marketing Contacts: David Henderson and Gwen Donahue


Folders distributed with information regarding follow-up to requests in Tucson

National 4-H Leadership Trust Information

Notebook: Information to gain clarity about "Not for Profit Financial Management". The Notebook will be sent to 4-H

Foundation Directors

Discussion about roles of 4-H Headquarters and National 4-H Council

4-H Headquarters - Policy, Procedures and Program

National 4-H Council - Organizational and Marketing

Question - "How do we (states/multi-states) organize 4-H experiences including risk management?


Best practices for new ways to manage the events/activities/experiences need to be developed

Joint Task Force Report - "Changing Portfolio Privatization of 4-H"

The report is in draft form but there is strong specific language not supporting the privatization of 4-H.

ECOP 4-H Youth Development Task Force

There was discussion regarding the 4-H Caucus. Should the emphasis be on Youth in Governance or 4-H Caucus?
Identified Program Areas:

National Partnerships/Liaison Reports

National 4-H Program Leaders Meeting - Kurth

The meeting will be held at the National 4-H Headquarters March 13-16, 2006 in Washington, D.C. Jo Turner is the chair. Plans for the program include:

  • How do we bring partners together i.e., county agents, universities, departments? Judith Glazer, author - "Creating We" (Professional Development Lerners' Youth Development Study)
  • 4-H Headquarters Emerging Leadership initiative orientation for new state 4-H leaders.

National 4-H Leadership Trust - Holder and Ryles

Discussed National 4-H Leadership talking points
4-H Trust Web site is an excellent resource. Concerns:

  1. "Overhaul of 4-H CCS - clarification: the real concern is an updating of 4-H curriculum not just CCS. There should be an entire review of curriculum process not just CCS.
  2. Business model versus service oriented model - suggestion: send one page updates to the State 4-H Program Leaders from Leadership Trust.
  3. Discussion about funding and who will drive the efforts to see more federal funding dollars for 4-H. We need funding and advocacy for 4-H Youth Development at the National level.

Charles Cox and Dorothy Wilson represent 4-H Program Leaders at Program Leaders Committee.

Action Item for PLC

Motion: Diem, Second Ryles
We acknowledge the excellent work of the 4-H Leadership Trust and encourage Extension Administration Directors and 4-H Program Leaders to continue to support and work with the National 4-H Leadership Trust.
Motion approved

Action Item

The Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders acknowledge that the National 4-H Leadership Trust was created to bring national, state and local 4-H partners together as a deliberate body to craft and implement a unified voice on 4-H youth development.

Program Committee Involved

4-H Youth Development

Information Needed

The 4-H Youth Development Program Committee presented a resolution offering appreciation for the work of the National 4-H Leadership Trust and encourages all partners of the system to continue their support of the National 4-H Leadership Trust.

Time Line


4-HCCS - Baker

The outcome of the July 26 meeting was positive. Baker thanked all for the responses to the survey. Explanation is also needed on the statement that was made regarding an overhaul of CCS. The explanation is that there is a moratorium on work on all curricula (4-H Youth Development). Tom Zurcher was not at the meeting. Discussion:

National 4-H Headquarters owns the curriculum process according to Stone. Comments: There was a void in curriculum and CCS filled the void. What needs to be in place for the curriculum process?

Issues are confusing. The issues regarding curricula and CCS:

National Council Board of Trustees - Wilson and Holder

Strategies Plan was handed out. The Board meets in October. The makeup of the Board is:

Chair is President of West Virginia University

NAE4-HA Board - Ryles

The Board completed a self-study and are planning and implementing constructive changes. Other issues such as investments and clover pledge came up when a smaller group met.

National 4-H Youth Directions Council - Baker

Key Question: What is the role of the N4-HYDC? Structure of N4-HYDC is still unsure. There were concerns from the Leadership Trust about the N4-HYDC not accomplishing the goal of youth/adult partnerships.

Halbert - Is it sustainable for the youth voice? Should there be a different organizational structure. Structure is not serving a broad base in 4-H.

Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders' recommendation to the Leadership Trust is to summarize and recommend the model of the Leadership Academy for N4-HYDC as laid out. Further recommend that a group of Leadership Academy participants in America decide how to go forward with Youth Directions.

Meeting was adjourned for the day.

August 30, 2005

The meeting was reconvened by Marilyn Norman.

National 4-H Congress - Cox

Planning is ongoing

National 4-H Council Web Marketing - Halbert

National 4-H Council has an online presence currently. Soliciting bids for the Web marketing.

National Professional Development Task Force - Holder

The task force will meet in September. The committee works for 4-H Agents and Specialists.

Stone - There is funding from the National 4-H Leadership Trust to implement national professional development program. The role of the professional development task force is to help make professional development more unified and consistent.

Action Item - Ryles:

Statement to PLN

We are 4-H Youth Development not 4-H & Youth Development.

Preparation is being made for the joint meeting with FCS about Healthy Lifestyles.
Bivins gave an update to group regarding nutrition/health program developed in Louisiana, Ryles - suggested we look at Wisconsin's Web site regarding 4-H and physical activity as well as Michigan's curriculum. Meadows suggested that we need a multi-state FCS/ 4-H effort showing impact. We need a collective reporting system.

We need indicators around Healthy Lifestyles. We do not need more curriculums. We need impact assessment tools to create impact data. Suggestion: could have fitness, recreation module on CECP. McKinney suggested we collaborate with public education on health and physical education in schools. Other suggestion was that we work with school cafeterias. Involve CRD in working with communities. Involve parents and schools.

CECP Update

CECP 4-H structure and current postings
The management team's goal is to make system more user friendly
4-H CECP will use PRKC competencies
The CECP management team is becoming more involved in work with the National Professional Development Task Force
Send Jeff Howard good presentations that you are aware of that might be posted on 4-H CECP

Rural America Grant - Cox

EYC Rural Youth Grant - $840,000
16 grants at $25,000
16 Land-Grant Universities will receive funding
States who have not participated before are eligible
The grants will be centered on youth adult partnerships and Youth in Governance
The projects can be multi-state projects

Southern Region Leader Forum - Diem/Moore

Plans are being finalized
Seminars/program are in good shape
Concern for the forum - diversity of the speakers for the general assembly

Southern Region Program Leader Committee - Cox

We need a new representative. The responsibilities are:

  1. Take recommendations/action items to the PLN Executive Committee
  2. Responsibility to attend meetings
  3. Three year term
  4. Quarterly conference calls
  5. Mid-year meeting with PLC

We have both 1890 and 1862 representation. Cox nominated Lamar Nichols for the open position - second was made by Kurth. Lamar Nichols was elected to serve as representative on the Program Leader Committee.

Southern Region Horse Show - Nichols

Hand out Journal of Extension
"Why should 4-H Horse and Pony youth wear certified equestrian helmets?
Risk Management issue, but should be an issue of safety education

Southern Region Biennial 4-H Conference - Holder

Discover 4-H Treasures April 10-12, 2006
Handout - tentative program
Discussed the highlights
Texas will be responsible for the evaluation
2008 Conference - Kentucky
2010 Conference - Oklahoma

Southern Region State 4-H Program Leader Development - Nichols

Conference calls topics for discussion

  • Professional development
  • Healthy lifestyles - timelines
  • CECP - walk through CECP
  • Leave open for other topics

Conference calls:
October 13, 2005
January 5, 2006
April 6, 2006
July 6, 2006

Southern Region Accounts - Norman for Faul

Ryles made a motion to defer annual payments by states, but continue later if needed. Keep the purpose of the accounts use in mind. If needed, the assessment will be continued on an annual basis. The motion was seconded by Baker. The motion was approved.

Online Enrollment Management System - Holder

Holder shared Mississippi's 4-H Registration System Web Based Enrollment System with reporting ability. She also presented the user's guide as well to the group.

4-H Center Survey/Straw Poll - Baker

Baker led discussion regarding various states' 4-H Foundations.

Portfolio Review - Stone

Portfolios are an integration of research, higher education and Extension.
Handout-Logic Model

New knowledge areas for 4-H:

  • Citizenship/Leadership
  • Science/Technology
  • Healthy Lifestyles

Hurricane Response - Baker

The discussion was opened on how to assist in the hurricane relief. Several ideas were suggested. An example idea suggested by Norman would be to connect club to club and write letters of hope. We will wait to hear from State 4-H Program Leaders in MS, LA, AL regarding action.

Recommendation to PLC from Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Development Committees

History and background

Extension has unique capacity to address the issues relative to Healthy Lifestyle (HL) across several program areas. Involving families and communities in developing plans to improve the quality of life by improving the health of our population is a major component of many extension programs. Obesity is a pervasive and extensive problem with both youth and adults. The Southern region has the nation's highest level of obesity. The PLN established a workgroup several years ago to address the problem of obesity. A regional conference was held in 2005 address the situation of obesity.

PCs Involved

This proposal is presented as a proposal from 4-H Youth Development and Family and Consumer Sciences. We request each committee to consider joining the work in the area of healthy lifestyles. We perceive there are significant applications in Agriculture, Natural Resources, IT, Middle Management, 4-H Youth, Communication, Family and consumer Sciences, Staff and Program Development, and Community Development.


Request the establishment and funding of a liaison between CDC and Extension (similar to liaison with EPA) to mobilize and coordinate the regional or national work in the area of Healthy Lifestyles. Explore regional or national work in the area of Healthy Lifestyles. Explore CSREES, federal grants, private grants and other sources for funding. Also explore a state granting release time of a specialist to function as liaison.

Form and charge state HL workgroups including each program area and Land-grant institution representative to assess efforts underway, impact measurement in place and communicate state plans via established Web site.

Continue the regional task force on obesity but revise the emphasis to include total healthy lifestyle and expand the team to include more program areas. Examples: Agriculture, Natural Resources, 4-H Youth, Communications, Family and Consumer Sciences, IT, Middle Management, Program and Staff Development, and Community Development.

Each state workgroup will access the regional obesity conference Web site (housed in Florida.) The groups are asked to read current state plans, to revise, update and report their state's involvement and activity. Each state should submit updated reports (via Web site) no later than January 15, 2006.

The PLN regional task force is asked to develop a set of common indicators enabling all program areas a forum to report. We also ask the regional HLS task force to generate CECP based trainings that address healthy lifestyle issues. The task force will present their findings no later than May 31, 2006.


  1. Salary (from appropriate source) to support liaison with CDC
  2. Support for regional team to have one face to face meeting to finalize indicators and regional focus


As stated in descriptions above

Holder: Life Rocks Resources

Holder handed out Life Rocks resources.

Recommendation: that Southern Region Program Leaders discuss with Ag Program Leaders and Equine Specialists regarding the issue of helmets for 4-H Horse & Pony Youth Shows and consider adopting a helmet policy.

This is a two-fold recommendation:

  1. Discuss the issue before the October conference call with Program Leaders and Equine Specialists in individual states and be prepared to report outcome.
  2. Kurth serves as liaison with Southern Region 4-H Horse Show Committee. Kurth will discuss this with the committee at an appropriate time.

Southern Region Leadership Roles

The outline of the listings for the leadership roles was reviewed, corrected and additions were made. A nomination was made by Cox, second by Meadows to accept Darlene Baker as representative on National 4-HCCS Board by acclamation. Motion approved.

State Reports

Each state provided a handout or verbal update from their state.
AK - Baker
VA - Meadows
SC - Diem, Felks
TN - Moore, Samuel
GA - Ryles

Meeting was adjourned for the day.

August 31, 2005

The meeting was reconvened by Marilyn Norman.

State Reports Continued

Each state provided a handout or verbal update from their state.
AL - Nichols
NC - Smith, McKinney
MS - Erbey, Holder
TX - Howard
LA - Faul/Written Report
PR - Riveria
FL - Norman

National 4-H Council - Anderson

Anderson spoke on the 2006 Awards. Annie E. Casey Foundation Award emphasis is on youth and families and in rural areas.

Ryles made the motion and Meadows seconded that the Southern Region Program Leaders go on record as supporting National Program Leader's professional development.

Cox sent all recommendations forward to Program Leaders Committee.

Professional Development System Framework-Stone

  • Standards and competencies
  • Training and Professional Development Resources
  • Learning Delivery System
  • Professional Awards and Recognition
  • Research and Evaluation

Suggestion: We need economic indicators that will assist in reporting.

The next Southern Region Program Leaders conference call is scheduled for October 13, 2005.

Meeting was adjourned.