Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call
April 09, 2008

Darlene Baker-Millard,
Martha Couch,
Charles Cox,
Susan Holder,
Jeff Howard,
Thearon McKinney,
Lamar Nichols,
Marilyn Norman,
Kellye Rembert,
Yvette Robinson,
Bo Ryles,
Claudette Smith,
Marshall Stewart,
Sonja Stueart-Davis,
Cathy Sutphin,
Mark Tassin,
Gina Taylor

Welcome – Claudette Smith

NAE4-HA Matters – Bo Ryles

National 4-H Competitive Events – Bo Ryles

Motion carried.

Election of “Booster Chair”- AKA “Chair-Elect” – Claudette Smith

4-H ECOP Task Force

Shooting Sports – Martha Couch

Other Thoughts:

Hearing not further business, Claudette adjourned the meeting.