Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call
April 03, 2008

Roll Call - Claudette
See e-mail for checked off attendance

Agenda Review and Call for Additional Items - Claudette
Converter Box Community Service Project (Darlene)
National Curriculum System (Jeff)

Approval of Minutes - Claudette
Dorothy moved and Darlene seconded the motion for the minutes to be approved as submitted. Minutes will be posted to State Leader Intranet

Name for Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum – Darlene Baker
The planning committee would like us to designate an official title:
Options to ponder before the call:
Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Leader Forum
Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum
Southern Region 4-H Leader Forum
They are trying to establish a consistent name (see options above). Should leader be left in? Use volunteer and leader? Those that aren’t leaders may not feel welcome. Marilyn, they did a poll in Florida, they all want second choice (Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum). Bo – Georgia has many agents and program assistants that attend, but it is not a big issue. Susie – their crew went with number one (Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Leader Forum) because it aligns with their forum. Kentucky, did informal survey – they consider themselves volunteers. Poll taken on call – 7 voted for Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum (#2), one for each of the others. Janet will communicate to program committee.

NAE4-HA Officers and Virtual Between Biennial – Bo Ryles
Please encourage, when the call for nominations comes out, to “run” for these leadership positions. The regional representatives have been invited to participate in these calls – we need to offer that invitation again. Charles shared that their regional reps have discussed it – Charles shared this call with his rep, but received no response. The reps decide who will be the liaison to this group. Usually a senior rep is the one. Dorothy will send a note of invitation.

Virtual Between Biennial – It was suggested that in the interim years (between the Biennial) we put a date on the calendar. This virtual meeting would be approximately two hours – the first hour consisting of work groups the other hour a general session. This would give us the opportunity to gather as a region between the years. Susie noted that responses from this year’s Biennial Conference indicate that this was one of the concerns. History has it that the volunteer specialists convened every other year to work on projects – very productive. Bo will consult with their (UGA) IT guys. Susie will join Bo in this effort.

CECP 4-H Update – Jeff Howard
This is still churning. Have reached a point where all the materials have been reviewed by pilot sites. They are waiting on some pilot information to come back to EIT folks in Texas to make final changes. At that time it can be moved over to be juried. Domain leaders and authors have received information to move it along. We all need to check with people in our state to make sure steps are being taken to keep the momentum going. This is in the “final stretch.”

Connie Phelps (et al.) in Arkansas put out another push last week to see where we are. One breakdown is that when pilot information comes back to the author they are not hearing back from them (the author).

Money for salary for the people working on the modules has run out, but the CECP group has been able to tie up loose ends. Money that is left will be put into a tri-fold brochure to be distributed to states. “What is going to happen to all of this now that e-Xtension is coming on?” A process will be created to transfer the information over, but the two programs aren’t the same. Jeff anticipates some problems with this, but thinks that it will be doable. “Who will do all of this?” e-Xtension has committed to provide help to do this.

National curriculum system update: They are having monthly calls (the national curriculum oversight committee) for updates from the three dominant workgroups. The prioritization work group sent out a survey out last month. There was criticism in the past of similar surveys because the information received did not get into the correct hands…this was reiterated to them to correct this for this time. The pre-press process is in function right now – facilitated through national supply. A group is working on a national resource site. Each state is asked to populate that system with curriculum they would like to see posted on that site. RFP or RFA will be going out to states based upon the prioritizations, each state’s local talents and/or interests.


Converter Box Community Service Project - Darlene
Southern Region Director’s listserv is where Susie learned about it. Not everyone has heard about it. Unveiled at National 4-H Conference. This came from National Headquarters – indicates a lack of communication. States will use this in various ways. Three important points need to come out of this (Bo and Darlene):


PLN Meeting in Boston - Claudette
Claudette asked for clarification/input for regional meeting agenda in Boston. Traditionally, the major choice is “where do we eat?” No major planning necessary for this meeting. Suggested to meet at hotel as a group to cover meeting details and then go to dinner.


Hearing no further business, Claudette adjourned the meeting at 10:05 AM