Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Conference Call
April 8, 2004


Charles Cox, Oklahoma
Marilyn Norman, Florida
Alice Ann Moore, Tennessee
Theron McKinney, North Carolina
Dorothy Wilson, Oklahoma
Susan Holder, Mississippi
Tina Taylor
Jeff Howard, Texas
Darlene Baker, Arkansas
Barbara Stone, D.C.
Martha Couch, Texas


Thearon discussed the National 4-H Congress Board is meeting soon and there is one major item for concern. The contract will be reopened for bidding in the 2008 year. The dynamics are that the Congress Board can consider other locations across the country for this event. The meeting planner, Susan, is annually contracted. Bo indicated that in the early discussions, there is a commitment to re-bid the location in 2008. There is an obligation to bid this out; the original intent of three years has been extended quite a long time. In the interest of fairness, it is a good policy to allow the bidding to occur. Several people agreed with this approach. Clarity on role of State Leaders / USDA / National Council presence needs to be made, maximizing Congress experiences and state/national leadership interaction.

Biennial Meeting - The next Biennial meeting will be coordinated by Mississippi. A contract has been made with the Grand Casino Gulfport (Oasis), Monday April 10-Wed. April 12, 2006. It appears that we have avoided major conflicts. Rates are $89. They will go ahead with contract and planning process. Close to airports, shopping and casinos.

Terrill Faul noted that the final bill from the hotel is being contested for over billing and reimbursements to the states will still, hopefully, be completed around May 1.

Jeff Howard presented information about CECP as liaison to that group. There is a plan to follow the PRK domains as the major topic areas. He reported to the CECP committee the intent. He noted that the PRK is under revision and has requested a teleconference with Barbara Stone about those revisions. The Professional Development committee is continuing to focus on the dominant domains and are then working to enhance the model through the competency level. He intends at this point to follow the original domain topics to get the software programmed correctly, with potential modifications to come later. They need to identify a person from each state who will work to plan for populating the 4-H CECP portion. He needs a point of contact from each state ASAP. He also noted to the CECP group about the posting process to CYFAR and worked through the discussion on how the review process occurred. He also noted the CCS process for review. These models could be used in the CECP review process. The shell plan needs to be completed by August.

The only one currently being worked on is in Risk Management. The group needs to develop a more aggressive plan to posting existing materials and writing for those competencies not yet covered. There will also be a workshop at NAE4-HA on CECP. There also needs to be credibility for the individual writer in terms of a peer-reviewed publication. Jeff is aware of these and other concerns for the planners and writers and is working to balance these in his work / communication.

Darlene asked about the Name and Emblem

Charles Cox noted that Dr. Corell could not be present. A concern that Land-Grant Colleges / Universities are no longer able to authorize will create negative feelings and work. More clarity needs to be made on many of the fine points. The Directors and Southern PLN needs to be aware of any major concerns or delays.


Meeting adjourned at 10:05

Notes taken by Marilyn Norman, Florida