Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
Meeting at Persimmon Restaurant.
April 10, 2002

Members Present:

Bo Ryles, Georgia Theron McKinney, North Carolina
Warren McCord, Alabama Terril Faul, Louisiana
Dorothy Wilson, Oklahoma Martha Couch, Texas
Charles Cox, Oklahoma Susan Holder, Mississippi
Bill Umscheid, Kentucky Bob Meadows, Virginia
Marilyn Norman, Florida  

Officers: We elected the attached list of officers.
CCS: 4-H Specialist from Georgia, Mandy Marabel, will represent us on the CCS Committee.
SDT: Bill will check for a volunteer member to represent the Southern Region on SDT. If he cannot, Charles will check on a volunteer from Oklahoma to serve. The money that Terril has been collecting for youth and volunteer travel to SDT needs to be transferred to Oklahoma. Charles and Dorothy let Terril know how to make out the check.
Triennial: The final report on the 2002 meeting was received. A $5000 check of "start up" funds was presented to Terril Faul, Louisiana, for the 2004 meeting which will be held in New Orleans.
Training: We discussed training of both new specialists and new state 4-H leaders. We recognize the need, but made no specific plans.

Future Teleconference:
June 13, 2002 @ 8:00 CDT (Susie will call with number)

Future Meeting:
August 2002
Nashville (PLC)

*Meeting was held at Persimmon Restaurant.