Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
August 1998

Meeting Participants:

  W. Ruffin, Auburn S. Holder, MS
  B. Hines, AR M. Davis, NC
  D. Hall, AR C. Cox, OK
  D. Smathers, SC C. Y. Carrasquillo, PR
  T. Pipkins, SC S. Felder, SC
  D. Miller, FL M. J. Tolley, TN
  B. Ryles, GA M. Couch, TX
  B. Umsheid, KY J. Dooley, VA
  D. Wilson, OK C. Phillips, National 4-H Council
  S. Mullen, LA A. Smith, USDA


Regional Chair: Susan Holder, Mississippi
Vice Chair: Mike Davis, North Carolina
Secretary: Martha Couch, Texas

Administrative Advisor:

Dr. Dorothy Hall, University of Arkansas

PLC Representatives:

Dr. Steve Mullen, Louisiana State University
Mr. Sam Felder, South Carolina State University


National Ad Campaign

Christie Phillips presented the new television ad for the national ad campaign. It was received extremely well by those in attendance. Most of the glitches from the first year have been resolved.

Two concerns were discussed about the ad campaign. The first concerns the delay from the time a young person calls the "888" number until counties/parishes receive his/her name. In many cases over a month is elapsing. A second concern related to trade-marking the ad campaign slogan "Are You Into It?" and possibly the "Power of YOUth". It is understood that Council's intention was to use sales of merchandise with the slogan to pay for additional years of the ad campaign but the prices of t-shirts and other merchandise is not competitive with purchase prices within the states.

National 4-H Impact Study

At least 25 states have joined in partnership with support from USDA to design an impact evaluation which includes like skills, leadership development, community service learning and volunteer development. All states have been asked to provide funding support, staff involvement in development and testing of evaluation design and in implementation. Approximately $95,000 has been raised thus far.

Triannual Meeting

The Southern Region State 4-H Staff Triannual meeting is scheduled for March 15-17, 1999 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The program will be extremely full with tracks for specialists with similar job responsibilities. New program successes will also be shared by states.

Proposed Child Care Initiative

Discussion about a proposed Child Care Initiative was very favorable.

National 4-H Congress

Susan Stewart is doing an outstanding job of putting together an excellent program while keeping down costs. Congress will be held in Atlanta for the next three years, through 2000.