Southern Region 4-H Program Leaders
August 1998

Meeting Participants

  Wilma Ruffin, AL Charles Cox, OK
  Beverly Hines, AR Carmen Andrades, PR
  Dorothy Hall, FL, Admin. Advisor Jorge Calzadilla, SC
  Damon Miller, FL Samuel Felder, SC
  Nadine Hackler, FL Diane Smathers, SC
  Bo Ryles, GA Charles Norman, TN
  Bill Umscheid, KY Martha Couch, TX
  Susan Holder, MS John Dooley, VA
  Mike Davis, NC


Officers for 1997-1998

Chair--Bo Ryles, University of Georgia
Vice-Chair--Susan Holder, Mississippi State University
Secretary--Martha Couch, Texas A&M University

PLC Representatives

Steve Mullin, Louisiana State University
Damon Miller, Florida A&M

Administrative Advisor

Dorothy Hall, Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service


Items for Information

Wilma Ruffin, Alabama, gave an overview and update on the Military Projects. This is an excellent opportunity for expansion of program and funding. Projects focus on teen programs in workforce preparation, leadership development, and computer communications. Concerns included completion of MOU's and receipt of funding.

Mike Davis, N.C., lead the discussion on a National Impact Study for 4-H. Concerns included funding for project and USDA-leadership and commitment. ACTION: Each member of group will follow-up with Mike on state interest and commitment.

Mr. Ron Hill, Publishing Editor of "Flicker Magazine" shared a proposal with the group to be involved with this children's magazine. Each state was given 18 issues of the magazine. The magazine has a "4-H Today page" in each issue. ACTION: Bo will pose question to USDA on the use of name and emblem. Bo and Diane will frame a letter concerning youth interest as expressed at National 4-H Conference and concerns. Charles Cox and Wilma will review content and share with group overview.

Ruth Henderson, TN, gave a report on the 4-H International programs and its impact on the citizenship component of the 4-H program. Ruth has served as Southern Regional Representative and past chair of the LABO committee. Discussion Points: LABO is listed in high school international opportunities booklet. Mutual Travel has received bid to be travel company. Not having a 501 C 3 status is extremely difficult to do business. Need to continue tie beyond Virginia Gobeli at CREES. Two vacant positions to this national committee need to be filed by Southern Region. ACTION: Greg Price is nominated from Georgia and Dan James from Texas.

Bo Beaulieu, Southern Rural Development Center, gave a report to the group. ACTION: A data base focusing on interest and discussion was to be filled out by all interested in discussion topics. National 4-H Congress was discussed. A letter of authorization was shared. Susan Stewart will continue in a leadership role. Use of name and emblem was granted to the event. Congress will be held in Atlanta from 1998-2002. Headquarters hotel will be the Hyatt Regency. Discussion: What happened to resolution that was brought forward concerning National 4-H Council acting as the fiscal agent for the event? Concern was expressed about the number of National and Regional events and activities needed a Non-Profit status formerly provided by National 4-H Council. Action: Bo will follow-up with Jim Rutledge to seek status of concerns and bring forward through leadership council.

Bill Umscheid, Administrative Advisor to SR Volunteer Leader Forum reported on the forum success in 1996 and the plans for the forum in 1997. 1996 was a first in that the Forum was held at Huntsville. A record attendance of 752 participants and a record number of first timers. ACTION: Jeff Salle, Arkansas will be in charge of workshops and Arkansas will continue in the leadership role of vice-chair for 1997 and Chair in 1998. National 4-H Council Board Meeting report was given by Bill Umscheid. He reported that he had attended two board meetings that primarily focused on visioning and structure of a Governance policy. Bill also read a section that concerned his position and "representative" definition: "the representative is to serve as a trustee not a representative of a group." ACTION: the group requested that Bill pursue obtaining a copy of the document reviewed in April by State 4-H Leaders reflecting on the use of the Name of 4-H and Emblem. It was also requested that Bill relate concerns of Southern Region (specialists, program leaders, etc.) the numerous groups forming separate 501 3C organizations. This could divide the organization and the resources available.

Bo Ryles, gave a report on the actions of the Strategic Directions Team for 4-H. He expressed his gratitude to Dorothy Rogers, Ark. And Joyce Clifford, volunteer from KY for their active involvement. Action: Continue financial support from each Southern State for travel of volunteer and youth volunteer. Action: Mike Davis was elected as new SDT member.

Committee Appointments:

Curriculum: Charles Cox
PLC: Steve Mullin and Damon Miller
SR Volunteer Leader Forum: Bill Umscheid
SR Horse Championships: Susan Holder
International: Greg Price - 4 year term & Dan James - 2 year term
Shooting Sports: Diane Smathers
Sport Fishing: Bo Ryles
Triennial Conference: John Dooley
SDT: Mike Davis

Triennial 4-H Specialist Conference

Scheduled for Virginia, in March of 1999. Either the second or third week. Location was discussed. Virginia will coordinate site. Committees will be formed to work with workshops, keynote speakers, hospitality, and registration.

Curriculum Committee

Charles Cox gave a report. Each S.R. state is to contribute $10,000 to fund housed at Oklahoma State University. New committee members: Jacque Robinson, Alabama; Beth Atkins, Virginia; Anna Lucas, Kentucky; Steve Suttin, Tennessee; Rae Wilkinson, Mississippi; and Darlene Baker, Arkansas.

National Organization of State 4-H Leaders was discussed. Amendments to the document were discussed.
Action: Draft document with amendments will be shared with individual directors requesting support.

Future Meetings: Conference Call October 9 at 10 AM Eastern Time (9 AM Central time). Possible meeting: October 12-15 during Galaxy Conference. April 3-5, 1998 National State Leaders Meeting. Conference call: February 19, 1998 at 10 AM Eastern time (9 AM Central).


Alabama: Wilma Ruffin reported that the challenges in her state included downsizing of state 4-H staff to three specialist. They are currently dealing with "what not to do". State 4-H Congress was held at Alabama A&M this past year. Brochures were shared. Space camp is still very successful at Huntsville.

Arkansas: Beverly Hines reported that a new Associate Director for Family, 4-H and Youth has been hired: Sarah Anderson. Beverly shared the results of the youth summit in Arkansas which targeted 100 young people. The Arkansas "Orama" used the world games and thrived in an environment where alternate facilities were used including the skating rink and the computer labs.

Florida: Nadine Hackler requested that states share policy and procedure manuals as this is a current document in progress in Florida. Project books are now being written by subject matter specialist, this is a departure from the 4-H curriculum notebooks. Joy Cantrell is currently authoring a publication to assist subject matter specialist in writing for youth. County surveys have been completed. A review of 4-H is expected in late January. Damon Miller reported on a successful youth entrepenuership program in collaboration with Block Buster Video.

Georgia: Bo Ryles reported on clustering of agents serving more than one subject matter, hiring expectations, a 5% state mandate for redirection of funding and a capital campaign fund drive. Bo also discussed the camping program expansion and volunteer certification. Georgia's annual reports were shared with the group.

Kentucky: Bill Umschied shared the excitement of the Kentucky preparation for the National 4-H Agent's Conference coming to his state. An on going strategic plan of five strategies is a continuing focus. Bill shared a basic club planning "tabletop" document with the group. Program and curriculum in Kentucky is focused on: science and technology, workforce preparation, environmental education and financial planning. The successful "sports" calendar is a continuing success.

Mississippi: Susan Holder reported on the 1998-99 state budget request that includes new 4-H agent positions. She also shared information concerning the new web-site and computer based curriculum used at MSU/MCES. Program focus includes visibility and image, curriculum with a local team building focus in development, staffing, reinventing activities and events and a fresh look at in-service training. Help is needed in looking at impact studies and "down-sized" state staff.

North Carolina: Mike Davis shared the success his state is having in teacher education. Diversity is still a major thrust, but NC no longer in this leadership position. A development officer is needed. After school child care is continuing to grow as a major 4-H program. A Club kit will be a major presentation an offering at the Gallacy Conference.

South Carolina: Diane Smathers discussed the camping programs that have been successful in S.C. Camping is a major delivery system. A network of hiring staff year round and utilizing different audiences has proven very successful. SC now operates camping programs for FFA, DARE and DSS.

Texas: Martha Couch shared the Ad council campaign Texas document with the group. This colorful press packet illustrated the power of youth in a "go4it" campaign theme. Martha also reported that the programmer for N4H Data management system had resigned. Project development teams including volunteers, agents, and youth are major focus.

Virginia: John Dooley discussed the 14 new 4-H positions, $900,000 new dollars allocated by the general assembly and new allocations for the six 4-H Centers. Welfare Reform and the role of Ameri-corp was discussed. Beth Atkins is now coordinating 10 grassroots driven curriculum committees in Virginia. New program initiatives include teen programs and 4-H alumni, as well as team nutrition. Concern: use of head gear for horse programs.

Oklahoma: Charles Cox reported that the ad council campaign in his state was focusing on "kid driven" fund raising. State Department continues to fund and support 4-H "ag in the classroom". Now pilot testing an evaluation. Continuing reorganization of 4-H department. Currently looking at a new Asst. director for 4-H currently Linda Harriman is acting in this role. Executive Director for 4-H foundation is vacant.

Puerto Rico: Carmen reported that the Ameli-corp program is working in Puerto Rico. She is in need of any curriculum translated into Spanish. Health Education is a need.

Tennessee: Charles Norman reported that Ben Powell's retirement reception will be in October. They are currently searching for a new State Program Leader/4-H. A major restructuring of extension has included reduction from 5 to 4 districts.